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A book of large double-page panoramic pictures of Prague -

a completely different view of the City

with short texts in English, German, Czech and Italian language

Format B5 - 176 x 250 mm, 88 pages, ISBN 978-80-904978-0-1

One of the few publications on the market taking Prague in the panoramic format.

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It took me a long time to learn to observe using a “wide-angle” view and initially I thought that Prague is really not suitable for this type of image. Only after a longer period did I gradually discover views that I have had before my eyes my whole life as a Prague native, but whose existence I had not been aware of. I also realised that my objective is not to photograph a list of specific buildings; but to portray a number of personal views of the city, in which the same place can take on a completely different appearance depending on the weather, lighting or period of the day or year. Therefore, I think of this book not as a summary of what can be found in Prague, but as a guide to looking at Prague with new eyes.

Josef Fojtík


Discover a completely new view of Prague!


Use it as an inspiration for walks through the historical centre of the city

or bring it as a nice present from Prague to your family or friends!


Where to buy the book:


Luxor Bookshop - Václavské náměstí 41, Praha 1

Kosmas Bookshops and Kanzelsberger Bookshops in Prague and another Czech Towns

Ask also in another bookshops and tourist places in Prague!


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